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International HPV Awareness Day” 4th March provides an opportunity to increase public awareness and knowledge about prevention of cervical cancer.

Does it start with infection?

The discovery that almost all the cervical cancer are caused by persistent cervical infection with certain subtypes of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) led  to the development of number of HPV Vaccines

Types of HPV Vaccines available in India?

In India two types of FDA approved HPV Vaccines available:

  1. CERVARIX, protects against infection with HPV16 and HPV18
  2. GARDASIL, protects against HPV16, HPV18, HPV6 and HPV 11

How does HPV Vaccination work again cervical cancer?

HPV vaccination works exactly like other immunizations that protect against viral infections. It is administered intramuscularly in the deltoid region of the upper arm, stimulates the production of antibodies in the body, so that infection can be prevented when ever person is exposed to HPV. HPV Vaccines are not infectious because they lack HPV’s DNA.

Who needs HPV vaccination and when?

Dose #1, at 11-12years age

Dose #2 ,6-12 months after first dose

2 doses of vaccine are recommanded for all girls at the age of 11-12. Vaccine can be given at the age as early as age 9. If you wait untill they are older (after 15th birthday), they need three doses instead of two.

HPV vaccination is highly recommended till age 26, experts feel that it is extremely effective when administered before first sexual inercourse.

Why HPV vaccination is needed at such a young age?

Vaccination protect your child before she is exposed to HPV. 80% of people get HPV infection in their lifetime. Almost every person who is sexually active, will get HPV infection at some time of their  life without HPV Vaccination.

Research data suggested that almost 90% of invasive cancer worldwide could be prevented if all girls and women  for whom HPV vaccination is recommended, were to be vaccinated with HPV Vaccine.

India and China have almost 1 /3rd of global cervical cancer burden. By creating awareness at the individual and community level and with proper government intervention, cervical cancer can be effectivly prevented.

Dr. Vandana Binwal, Sr. Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Swastik Hospital and Research Centre, jaipur.

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