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    List of our treatments

    Periods Problem Treatment In Jaipur
    Pregnancy & Delivery

    Prenatal care (care during pregnancy), Fetal assessments, Intercurrent diseases in pregnancy, Induction and labour, Complications and emergencies, Postnatal care

    Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment In Jaipur
    Infertility Treatments

    Infertility means not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying (or six months if a woman is 35 or older). Women who can get pregnant but are unable to stay pregnant may also be infertile.To get pregnant:

    Best Menopause Clinic In Jaipur
    Gynecological Laparoscopy & Hyteroscopy

    Gynecological endoscopy as we know now a days, possible thanks to important technical advancement and miniaturization of equipment used.

    Other Treatments


    Women whose mothers and/or sisters have/had fibroids have a higher risk of developing them too.


    • 1 in 10 females affected once they go through puberty.

    Ovarian Cysts

    OVARIAN CYSTS are common and most women will have at least one during their life.

    Menopause Clinic

    As women move towards the menopause menstruation becomes erratic and eventually stops.

    Teenagers Issue

    “Asking for help is often the hardest part, particularly for younger women

    Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

    “Loss of much-wanted pregnancy can be devastating, even more so if it happens again” 

    Preconception Care

    • Prevent complication during pregnancy and delivery.
    • Reduce maternal and child mortality.

    Women's Cancer Screening

    Every six minute a woman is diagnosed with gynecological cancer. It is important to know your potential risk factors for gynecological cancer

    HPV Vaccine

    Vaccines protect your child before they are exposed to a disease. That’s why HPV vaccination is recommended earlier rather than later

    Dr Vandana Binwal

    Consultant Obstetrician & Advanced Gynecological laparoscopic surgeon
    (11 yrs. of experience)

    Dr. Vandana Binwal is currently giving services at multisuperspeciality health care centre, Swastik hospital and research centre, Narayan Vihar, Jaipur & also associated with Shalby multispeciality hospital as visiting consultant.

    Over the years Swastik hospital and research centre, Narayan Vihar, Jaipur has offered countless patients excellent treatment for various health issues. This hospital is known to take care for the patients with an immense amount of sensitivity not just for their concerns but that of the family too. One can directly connect with the hospital at  +(91)-9829088134.

    Best Infertility Treatments In Jaipur

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